The Back Clinic was developed in 1998 by Nicola Nunn to specifically treat back and neck pain. From small beginnings we have grown to now own our especially  designed  premises  allowing for increased staffing. This ensures timely treatment for both acute and chronic back pain.


  • To be a Centre of  Excellence  for  the treatment of mucsculo-skeletal spine  dysfunction  and related conditions.
  • To practice evidence based  clinical reasoning and treatment methods which,  along with experience,  enables  delivery of   treatment that not only addresses immediate  dysfunction, but empowers  the patient to adopt  skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle which can be pain-free.
  • To welcome people of all races and creeds, without discrimination.
  • To embody and encourage the values of compassion, honesty, integrity and justice
  • To provide an environment where patients and staff feel safe, supported and encouraged.
  • To value  the experience of patients and staff.




Our philosophy of caring, diligence and integrity means that we spend time in assessing your condition and developing a unique treatment plan for you. First appointments are 1 hour and follow up appointments are 30 minutes.

Empowering our clients

We take time to teach you strategies to get out of pain, to use natural ways of moving, called movement patterns, to strengthen and stabilize your spine  to  achieve  ideal posture. You can’t change a pain producing habit unless you understand what that habit is!

Understanding of the cause of the pain

We focus on helping you understand the reasons for your pain and how you can change pain. This is achieved by helping you understand the various physical factors that can influence continuing pain and how to change these. This is called movement awareness.

Hands on Treatment

Touch is important! We use a number of evidence based hands on treatment techniques including mobilisation, manipulation and soft tissue release to  enable you to achieve pain free movement. We have staff who  are  qualified Manual Therapists and members of the New Zealand Manipulative Therapists Association. We are also able to offer Acupuncture.

Use of exercise

Specific targeted exercises are  given for  you to achieve pain free movement and to improve appropriate strength. We can advise on your existing exercise programme and instruct on ways you can achieve strength in a pain free manner. We work closely with Pilates instructors.


We talk to you! We explain your treatment in detail and can answer your questions. We communicate with your GP by letter and we can refer you on for specialist treatment if required. We are in regular communication with Specialists in the Waikato region and Auckland.


Your progress is important to us. To ensure you are reaching your own goals we take a series of baseline questionnaires and reassess as you go. These are called outcome measures. These are collated together anonymously to enable us to discover overall trends and improve our delivery of service.